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For over 25 years, the Correctional Health team has partnered with public and private organizations placing experienced healthcare professionals in county, state, and federal correctional facilities nationwide.

In the correctional environment, we’ve found that experience and preparation are the top two factors influencing a clinician’s effectiveness. Our experienced correctional clinical healthcare team applies that knowledge to optimize the delivery of customizable services to meet each facility’s unique needs. We do not focus on filling a shift, but rather connecting the right provider for sustainable delivery of care.

Optimizing patient outcomes starts with understanding the relationship between medical and behavioral healthcare providers to provide comprehensive, integrated care. The high census rates of undiagnosed illnesses, mental health, special needs, and chronic diseases in correctional facilities requires special methodologies in the treatment of care for the patient population.

We have a proven track record that exemplifies our capabilities in the specialized arena of correctional healthcare services. We are driven to provide quality care to patients and services to our partners to bring a better future for our communities.

Relationships matter. Contact us today to see how we can match your staffing needs with the right providers.


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Clinical Health.

Epic Government corrections leadership is acutely aware of the details of your facility’s work environment, your specific needs, and your unique requirements.

Through in-depth study of your facility, we identify specific challenges.

Epic Government clinicians deliver exceptional care while supporting consistent levels of safety with a seasoned support team behind them. Committed to assignments of six months, 1 year, or longer, Epic Government clinicians are dedicated to the long-term success of your facility and the patients in its care. Our team, our practices, and our commitment to your success is paramount to our daily actions.

Clinicians arrive having already met state regulations and department policies specific to your facility. Furthermore, we prepare all clinicians for the correctional environment.


  • Licensed and insured to eliminate staffing gaps
  • Knowledgeable of the security and healthcare relationship
  • Well-versed in security requirements and protocol
  • Trained on sharps, tool, and narcotic counts
  • Trained on mental health monitoring, seclusion, restraint, and related patient issues

Let us help you build a stronger, more consistent level of correctional care with our long-term staffing solutions.

The Epic Government Difference is Clear!