Ethics at Epic Government

A safe space for you and your colleagues.

Epic Staffing Group is firmly committed to fostering a workplace that values transparency, trust, and the overall security of its employees, patients and clients. If you want to report any concerns of misconduct or voice out any issues affecting your safety and well-being, you can do so safely, anonymously, and securely through Epic Inform. Epic Inform is a safe space designed to empower you to speak up and be a positive contributor to our culture.

Just call or text your company code to our toll-free number or submit a report through our Online Submission Form. Please note the company you work for under “Location”.

We want you to feel heard. Epic Inform is available 24/7 for the safety and well-being of you and your colleagues.

Epic takes concerns of misconduct very seriously and expects that any individual who reports misconduct does so in good faith. Making a report in good faith means that you provide all the information you have regarding the issue and believe the report to be true. Bad faith reporting or misuse of the reporting system is inappropriate (and a violation of this policy) and can be very damaging to Epic and your fellow colleagues.

Epic does not tolerate retaliation against anyone who, in good faith, reports known or suspected unethical or illegal misconduct, seeks advice, raises a concern, or provides information in an internal and external investigation or legal proceeding pertaining to the company.


Please note the company you work for under “Location”

Use Company ID: 6010107778. You can also call 1-855-662-SAFE (1-855-662-7233).

 Vendor Code of Conduct

To maintain a valued partnership, vendors are asked to comply with the following guidelines set forth by Epic.

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Healthcare Staffing Positions and Locations

Federal Staffing Resources employs a wide array of professionals.

Government Contract Jobs

Working within the military community is an extraordinarily rewarding experience and offers work life balance, stability, and a wide array of benefits.

Jobs for Veterans and Military Spouses

Veterans with healthcare experience are highly desirable candidates for civilian contract positions. Your experience is beneficial not only for the MTF but also to the patient population.

Active Duty Spouses, Veteran Spouses, and military dependents with healthcare experience are also great candidates. Federal Staffing Resource is a DoD One Source Military Spouse Employment Partner and are proud that over 45% of our frontline healthcare providers and corporate office are from within the military community. #weknowPCS

The Process

After an Offer Letter is executed, candidates must then complete a credentialing process. Each position has its own unique minimum requirements. Part of the hiring process includes fingerprinting, physical exams, reference checks, immunizations, base credentials processing, and background security checks in order to access the military installations and its computer systems.

Epic Government also employs healthcare providers to other federal agencies, state and local governments, and private sector medical facilities.

Our Team

Our CEO’s 25 year career included working as a civilian contract RN at Walter Reed Military Medical Center in suburban Washington, D.C. This perspective shapes the Epic Government employee experience. Additionally, our corporate team is extensively experienced within healthcare and the military healthcare system and most come from within the military community.

Military Spouse

The Epic Government Difference is Clear!