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Civilian nurse jobs on military bases can offer flexible options for career growth. Military medical facilities throughout the U.S. provide healthcare to active-duty service members, their families, and military retirees. Military medical facilities range from a Level One Trauma Center to outpatient clinics.

There is a large civilian workforce at many military medical facilities located throughout the country. Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in the Washington D.C. suburbs has a workforce of over 7,000 service members and civilian personnel.

Civilian personnel work alongside active-duty personnel. Civilian personnel are either federal government civil servants (GS) employees or contractors and can range from specialized surgeons to healthcare administration.

How to Obtain Civilian Nurse Jobs on a Military Base

Civilian nurse jobs through contractors are great opportunities. Contractors are assigned a position by the government and are responsible for recruiting and employing a nurse for that staff role. These staff positions offer consistent schedules and hours. The government generally does not permit overtime, helping protect your work-life balance.

Civilian nurse jobs generally require ACEN or CCNE-accredited nursing education along with full-time recent, relevant skill sets for the position. Any U.S. state or U.S. territory nursing licensure is honored at many sites making it easy if you are relocating.

Civilian Healthcare Jobs on a Military Base

In addition to civilian nurse staff positions, contractors hire for civilian staff positions for physicians, allied health, behavioral health, and many other roles.

Each position’s requirements and approval process are different so invest in conversations with the recruiter so you can clearly understand the process and have a smooth transition to your new exciting job.

FSR’s current civilian nurse jobs on military bases are listed on If you do not see a position in your city and specialty, apply to the General Consideration so your resume can be matched for future positions.

FSR is a federal healthcare government contractor that provides healthcare services and staff to federal medical facilities nationwide.

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