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Few people realize that the United States Department of Defense (DoD) is a significant healthcare provider. Millions of people receive healthcare through 850 DoD healthcare facilities and TRICARE health insurance.

This large-scale system serves 9.5 million beneficiaries, including active-duty personnel, their families, and retirees, and is a large provider of healthcare insurance and service.

Contractors bring specialized skills and experience to DoD. Contractors participate in a competitive bidding process with clearly outlined objectives and deliverables. They must meet stringent requirements to be eligible to secure contracts. The procurement and acquisition process ensures that contractors possess the skills and capacity to meet the contract’s objectives effectively.

Government contractors effectively partner with DoD because they bring an outside perspective and private sector experience, and they can leverage that knowledge to round out the team. The most successful healthcare contractors understand the culture and needs of the people served by the agency. They know the military’s priorities and the needs of the service members and families served by the military health system.

The military health system has ambitious yet achievable goals for improvement. The MHS Quadruple Aim is a vision for delivering high-quality care that meets the unique needs of the nation’s military. The top priorities include the following:

  • Ensuring that the military force is medically ready to deploy and that the medical health personnel can deliver medical services as part of military operations, including humanitarian missions.
  • Enhancing population health by prevention and increasing resilience.
  • Providing high-quality care that is patient and family-centered.
  • Ensuring that healthcare is delivered cost-effectively.

Federal Health Contractors: On the Front Line of Improvements

Government Healthcare Contractors have been on the front line of several ambitious DoD health projects. One long-term project is modernizing information technology for the military health system. MHS Genesis, to be completed in 2023, is a state-of-the-art electronic records system that does much more than hold medical information. It is a communication tool between doctors and their care team. It is a system designed for collaboration with other providers and travels with the service member wherever they deploy. MHS Genesis is portable after retirement, so a complete medical record is always available. Accurate health history facilitates better diagnostics and treatment for better health outcomes. This project would not have been possible without the work of federal healthcare contractors. Government health contractors participated in the initial design and development of the system through the rollout, including everything from developing the software to training staff.

Not all improvements are technology related. Department of Defense reorganized operations after the creation of the Defense Health Agency. The Defense Health Agency organizes service areas into geographic markets. These market groups include military treatment facilities working with their TRICARE partners, Veterans Affairs hospitals, other federal healthcare organizations, private sector teaching hospitals, and other civilian healthcare partners in their area. Pooling resources gives all patients better access to care. This aggregation also is cost-effective as the Military Health System and local communities are partnering to avoid duplication of resources and underutilization. Public-private partnerships are essential to the success of this initiative.

DoD takes wellness to the next level for service members. Deployment health readiness is an essential priority for DoD. Contractors support the goal with human performance optimization services that enhance physical readiness and mental resiliency and other programs to support the mission.

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