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nurses week

FSR is proud to honor nurses as part of the American Nurses Association’s National Nurses Week.

FSR employs civilian nurses providing care to the military and veteran communities nationwide. Our company’s special appreciation for nurses and all they do starts with our founder, a critical care RN, who worked at Walter Reed Military Medical Center. “Nurses work tirelessly to care for patients. It is an inherent calling to help others.” FSR is honored to celebrate nurses and is thankful for their commitment to compassionate patient care. We especially celebrate the nurses that share in our mission to support the military and veteran communities and enhance their health.

Nurses serve communities as licensed medical professionals from hospitals to home care and can specialize is areas such as pediatrics, surgical, and psychological to name a few. Nursing education ranges from diplomas to doctorate level degrees. Visit ANA to learn about the dynamic and diverse career opportunities in nursing and how you can become part of this amazing workforce.

This year has also been recognized as The Year of the Nurse, in no small part due to the amazing response nurses from across our country and the world to care for patients and help draw down the COVID pandemic.

During the pandemic, healthcare systems were pushed to their limits. Some were near the brink of collapse. Nurses were instrumental in making it through the crisis. When FSR was called upon to support the initial COVID response in New York City, we were amazed at the number of nurses willing to travel away from their homes and families to help. Throughout the year, FSR nurses served nationwide on COVID response teams.

Nurses have always been the lifeline and backbone of healthcare systems. They are committed to serving others and putting patients ahead of their own personal needs.Happy National Nurses Week! FSR is grateful for all that you do. We are honored to have you on our team.

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