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The Defense Health Agency (DHA) is responsible for medical services for the Army, Navy, and Air Force, serving over 9.6 million beneficiaries around the globe. To meet this ambitious goal, the DHA has a global workforce that includes almost 130,000 civilian and military personnel, all committed to excellence in medical care and programs for service members and their families. Military healthcare contractors play an essential role in ensuring mission fulfillment. Government contractors fill necessary gaps and bring private sector solutions to the Military Health System (MHS).

It takes a high level of expertise and execution to achieve successful military healthcare contractor performance. In addition to providing goods and services to the MHS, contractors must be vigilant in their attention to contract management and compliance. The Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) oversees contract compliance. When federal healthcare contractors fail to meet requirements, they do a disservice to all stakeholders, creating distractions and taking resources away.


Operational and Management Excellence is Key to Successful Partnerships

Partners who commit to high military healthcare contractor performance and continuous improvement are excellent for the DHA. The government has high expectations for military healthcare contractors concerning patient care and human resources management, infrastructure, and organizational capacity and stability. Expertise and high-performance indicators include:

  • Established practices that meet Department of Labor regulations, including Equal Employment Opportunity
  • Expertise in Service Contract Act (SCA) regulations
  • Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS) and Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) for tracking and reporting on metrics
  • Ability to execute thorough and high-quality credentialing and security packets
  • Accessibility and responsiveness to employees and partners
  • Stability while also having the agility to adjust to changing demands and needs, such as adequate financial resources to ensure that fiscal responsibilities are adequately covered.
  • Good systems and internal controls to ensure accurate invoicing and documentation of deliverables so that invoices are not returned for errors
  • Performance management infrastructure, which requires an investment in a robust IT system
  • Skill set to navigate the Advanced Procurement Portal (APP)
  • The best government healthcare contractors will be well-versed in program analysis and committed to continuous improvement. Hardware and software that enables the reporting and analysis of key performance metrics is critical.

Government healthcare contractors with a track record of excellence and a commitment to providing safe and high-quality patient care may be certified by The Joint Commission (TJC). TJC certifies and accredits healthcare systems, programs, and organizations that possess the highest level of quality standards and requires continuous compliance with performance standards. The Joint Commission Health Care Staffing Certification requires organizations to have an infrastructure with high-quality standards. This Gold Seal of Approval indicates that clients partner with a top-notch healthcare contractor.

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