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March is National Athletic Trainers Month.  Athletic Trainers [JJ1] specialize in injury prevention, management, and recovery for athletes. These healthcare professionals are critical members of the health teams in colleges, professional sports, the military, medical facilities, schools, and corporations.

Athletic Trainers support the military community to keep the force ready and healthy. With technology and innovation, the field of Athletic Training has evolved into an integral component of the emerging sports science known as human performance. FSR Athletic Trainers have and continue to support pilot programs, data reporting, program rollout, and holistic wellness supporting the Army, Navy, and Special Operations.

FSR would like to salute Athletic Trainers for their mission essential role in providing quality care to the military each and every day. We truly appreciate your dedication and commitment to the military’s mission.

FSR is proud to support the military’s human performance programs. To learn more, click here.