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FSR CEO Tracy Balazs awarded Women of Leadership and Excellence at MEA’s Women Leadership Magazine USA’s 15th Annual Women of Power Conference and Awards Gala hosted at the Washington Convention Center.

Women in corporate and Federal government in numerous industries across the country were recognized and honored for their leadership. This year’s conference theme Applauding Leadership and Success celebrated the growing roles of women in business and government and recognized the important benefits women provide to fuel economic growth.

The Conference continued its leadership role in facilitating business opportunities by providing a platform for professional women to connect with industry leaders resulting in greater participation of women in business and society. The conference featured speakers and guests including top leaders in the financial sector, business industries, government agencies, large prime contracting companies, and government officials. MEA and Women Leadership Magazine USA are premiere sources for news in developing government contracting strategies and for advocating for small businesses.

The Conference addressed topics ranging from Building a Profitable Brand, an Expo,Panel Discussion on Women in Leadership, Wealth Management, Women in Advocacy and Politics, Military & Veteran Women Advocates, Gender Equality and the #Me Too Movement, and Mentor-ship.

Tracy Balazs is honored to be recognized by MEA’s Women Leadership Magazine USA and thankful for the support, community, and tireless work of MEA and WLMUSA.