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While the federal government workforce hovers around two million (excluding military and postal), the number of contractors exceeds five million.

Partnerships between the government and the private sector are essential to realizing outcomes. At no time was that better demonstrated than during the COVID Pandemic when contracted medical personnel stepped up to meet the demand at federal, state, and local levels.

Partnering with the private sector gives the federal government operational agility, cost-effectiveness, and access to private sector innovation in the delivery of services and programs. Consulting companies provide a wide spectrum of services from strategic planning and operational implementation to providing staff to fill the gaps due to increased need or labor market shortages.


Government Consulting Firms Benefits

  1. Private sector companies can provide an outside perspective for the analysis of policy, operations, and key performance indicators.
  2. Government contractors bring private sector innovation and expertise to the government sector.
  3. Private-public sector partnerships ensure that government mandates and priorities are delivered.
  4. Government contractors reduce risks by delivering essential functions and effective knowledge management.
  5. Nationwide new program implementation is consistent across each phase of the rollout, and lessons learned can be applied.


Identifying the right government consulting firm for a specific need can be challenging but engagement is key. Engagement with government consulting firms provides understanding and learning what solutions are available to the government whether seeking optimization of delivery to bringing innovation supply chains of goods and services.

Engagement with government consultant firms is very approachable and there are many opportunities to do so.  Industry days or market specific government contracting events, such as PSC’s Annual Conference, provide an environment to bring the brightest minds in government and government contracting consultants together.

FSR makes it a point to attend federal government contracting industry events in order to be a resource to our government clients.


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