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The COVID-19 pandemic has stretched resources beyond capacity and with the omicron variant, we just extended past the two-year mark. This crisis has affected every sector and program in the United States. Unlike localized crises, this global pandemic has both increased the need while reducing the available workforce. In the United States, the federal government rapidly implemented programs and policies to safeguard the health and safety of the public and to avert a more dire crisis.

State and local governments were called to be a part of the pandemic response, as they possess the connections to the community essential during times of crisis. Local governments faced large complex challenges and often found that they did not have the resources they needed. Many local governments turned to private expertise to leverage the talent, knowledge, and resources they needed for the crisis. Additionally, nonprofit organizations, universities, private individuals, and foundations all had a role to play.

According to Deloitte, there are three phases of a crisis: respondrecover, and thrive. These phases overlap and we are hovering between respond and recover. We have learned a great deal from the pandemic, and we are better poised to meet the needs, but demand remains high and at the same time staffing shortages are plaguing service delivery and emergency response. January opened with record numbers of Covid infections and, while omicron appears to be a milder variant, the United States continues to have personnel shortages. The Great Resignation has further put pressure on an already vulnerable system.

There simply are not enough healthcare workers to meet the service delivery needs of the COVID-19 pandemic. State and local governments continue to grapple with how to meet those needs. The nursing shortage continues to affect the healthcare sector. Employees are stretched thin, and health and safety are at risk. Strong government and private partnerships are essential as we move from response through recovery and finally to thriving in post-pandemic reality.

How to Pave the Way Forward

Partnerships between the private sector and government are key to creating a recovery that leads to innovation and lasting improvement. Governments are stabilizing the economy and managing health and safety but gaps still remain. The private sector has resources and agility that could play a key role in filling in the gaps and implementing healthcare solutions for sustainable infrastructure improvement. We need to bring together the best talent in the United States to harness the strengths of private companies for federal, state, and local governments as we move past crisis response and into longer-term healthcare solutions and responses. The COVID-19 pandemic has shown us how effective these partnerships can be. As we move forward, we should:

  1. Build new partnerships and strengthen existing ones to allow for cross-sector collaboration for longer-term benefits. This will allow the government to leverage the private sector for innovation and new technologies that will positively impact our post-pandemic society.
  2. Communicate frequently and openly about the gaps and invite participation from every sector in forums to think tank out-of-the-box solutions to allow businesses to bring their resources to the table to fill the gaps.
  3. Harness the power of technology to keep all stakeholders informed.
  4. Continue to vet partners not only for their ideas and innovation but also for their expertise and capacity to do the work.

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