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With a shared mission of veteran support, communities brought FSR and GS2 together for a day of purpose.

FSR’s regional Louisville, Kentucky office demobilized when operations moved to the Annapolis corporate office and virtual offices for the Louisville-based team members. FSR leveraged the opportunity as another way to show veteran support. Sharing objectives, FSR partnered with Louisville-based GS2 CEO COL Blaine Hedges, US Army RET. With great passion, Hedges spearheaded repurposing desks, chairs, filing cabinets, conference tables, break room inventory, and office supplies throughout GS2’s network of veteran community organizations.

The shared purpose of this project can be surmised by Hedges, “To serve something greater than myself and make a difference in this world.”

GS2 empowers companies by bridging the private and public sector to improve communities from workforce development to consulting. Initiatives include The Green Heart Project that introduced 7,500 new trees to combat pollution in Louisville, Connected Nation that is closing the digital divide, and supporting infrastructure for the Air Assault Week Graduation Ceremonies at Fort Campbell.

This mission encompassed volunteers from Veteran’s Club and USA Cares. Veteran’s Club, led by Army veteran Jeremy Harnell, provides connection, healing, recovery, and housing for the veteran community through family outreach, vocational training, and recreational therapy. USA Cares is led by Army combat veteran Trace Chesser and provides financial assistance and post-service skills training to create a foundation for long-term stability and improve quality of life and reduce potential factors that can contribute to veteran suicide.

For nearly two decades, FSR has passionately supported the military and veteran communities through our work as a government healthcare solutions company and in our communities. FSR is honored to have the opportunity to come together with GS2 and its network for this and future missions supporting the veteran community.

Thank you GS2, USA Cares, and Veteran’s Club, and all the volunteers for joining FSR in a successful mission.