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Annapolis, MD – On July 24, 2022, the Defense Health Agency (DHA) and Puget Sound Military Health System (PSMHS) awarded FSR the $53M Puget Sound Enhanced Multi-Service Market (PS eMSM) contract to operate the Puget Sound Military Appointing Center (PSMAC).

The PS eMSM was created with the mission to improve military readiness, improve beneficiary access to care, and enhance beneficiary satisfaction by optimizing the utilization of Military Treatment Facility (MTF) direct care resources by integrating the service branches’ healthcare services within the region.

To aid in this mission, FSR will open and operate the new PSMAC and provide centralized services and be the primary POC for beneficiaries for patient appointing services (PAS), referral management services (RMS), and clear and legible reporting (CLR) services. PSMAC will interface with the Military Health System’s new Electronic Health Record platform, MHS GENESIS, which provides a single health record for beneficiaries currently being deployed across the Military Health System.

The PS eMSM will service Madigan Army Medical Center, Joint Base Lewis McChord (JBLM) and its subordinate clinics 62nd Medical Squadron, Naval Hospital Bremerton and its subordinate clinics, and Navy Health Clinic Oak Harbor. Services will also include selective Veterans Affairs eligible beneficiaries.

“FSR has the experience in the integration of the diverse legacy systems to strengthen the MHS performance. We are excited to be a part of improving healthcare delivery for service members and their beneficiaries,” said FSR President Jeff Johnson.  

FSR currently supports the Air Force and Army Referral Management Services (RMS) including the MHS GENESIS deployment in other regions.

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