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Some people would call Darla Grese’s actions heroic, others would call her actions brave.  Grese left the comparative safety of Norfolk (VA) General Hospital with few COVID-19 cases, to travel to New York City, the hotspot for the COVID outbreak.

Grese has been a Respiratory Therapist for 17 years. Prior to that she was a Navy Corpsman for six years. She has carried with her an abundance of experience and passion for helping people to an area where the need is acute. “I feel like I have to do this, even though I am nervous,” she said.

The added stress of COVID patient demand has strained the health care system including the providers. Grese’s awareness of the stress made her act swiftly, she knew they need a break in order to continue doing their jobs. “The staff members need a rest and that’s why I want to go there and help out.”

The schedule for the COVID stint has been grueling: 12.5 hours a day, seven days a week for six weeks. “I’m not some Superwoman and know there’s the possibility that I could get sick,” Grese said. “But I feel like I need to do this.”

She left behind her supportive wife and 12-year old son, who has never been apart from his mother for longer than a week.

Grese has been encouraging others with medical training to take similar steps that she has. The needs are huge with New York having suffered 3,110 COVID cases as of April 26.

Federal Staffing Resources ( has employed Grese in the New York City position as part of a team of 1,500 COVID Rapid Response providers. The team supports the 11 New York City public hospitals and the two temporary facilities with 1,000 beds for low-med COVID patients.

For more information, go to the website for Federal Staffing Resources at or call 410-990-0795.  FSR has over 15 years of experience providing full-service program management, innovative workforce solutions, pilot program execution, and healthcare services to federal and local government agencies. FSR is based in Annapolis, Maryland and has been recognized for its exceptional delivery of services to customers.