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On October 13, 1775, the Continental Navy was established to thwart the British. The Navy joined the Continental Army that was established earlier that summer. The Continental Navy grew from two armed vessels to over 50 ships in service throughout the war.

Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) ADM Zumwalt in 1972 encouraged a Navy wide celebration of this day “to enhance a greater appreciation of the Navy’s heritage, and to provide a positive influence toward pride and professionalism in the naval service.”

Nearly two and a half centuries later, the US Navy has grown to the largest Naval force in the world. From Navy pilots landing on moving aircraft carrier decks in the rolling oceans to stealth submarines traversing the ocean depths, the maritime superiority is a reflection of every sailor’s commitment and dedication. The Navy is comprised of over 330,000 active duty personnel and 100,000 reservists. The US Navy is present nationwide and around the globe.

Today, we celebrate the Navy’s achievements and continuous innovation. Happy birthday U.S. Navy!

Fun Facts: James T. Kirk originally would have been the captain of the USS Yorktown, named after the heroic WWII aircraft carrier. Gene Roddenberry eventually renamed the ship to the USS Enterprise. The original space shuttle was also named the Enterprise, after Star Trek fans flooded the White House with petitions to name it such. The Enterprise now resides on the USS Intrepid deck, on the Hudson River in New York. Live long and prosper.