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In the world of military healthcare, the integration of electronic health record systems has been a game-changing move, and MHS Genesis stands as a beacon in this transformation. This pivotal system, designed to unify the Military Health System (MHS), has come a long way since its inception. By 2023, its role in streamlining military electronic medical records has become more pronounced than ever. More than 6.6 million military personnel, veterans, and their family members have access to their health records with the MHS Genesis system. More than 164,000 providers have been trained and are using the system.

At its core, MHS Genesis is designed to provide a singular, integrated electronic health record for service members, veterans, and their families. It’s a collaborative effort between the Department of Defense (DoD) and the Department of Veterans Affairs, aiming to offer a comprehensive health record system that enhances patient care and clinical operations. MHS Genesis transforms patient experience, clinical workflows, and data analytics. Key benefits include:

  • Streamlined Health Record Management: MHS Genesis has significantly reduced the paperwork and manual processes associated with health records. Electronic medical records ensure quick access, easier updates, and a reduced risk of errors.
  • Improved Patient-Caregiver Communication: With features like the MHS Genesis patient portal, patients can communicate directly with their care teams, seek clarifications, and even manage appointments. This direct line of communication enhances patient care and experience.
  • Integrated Care Across Facilities: Whether a service member visits an Air Force hospital or a Department of Defense clinic, the unified electronic health record system ensures that their health data is consistently available across all touchpoints.
  • Empowered Patients: The secure patient portal and integration with TRICARE Online empower patients. They can access their health information, track treatments, and be more proactive about their healthcare.
  • Enhanced Data Analytics: With a unified electronic health record, the military health system can glean valuable insights from health data. These analytics can guide policy decisions, and healthcare strategies, and even predict health trends.


MHS Genesis Deployment Updates, 2023:

  1. Expanded Footprint: As of July 2023, MHS Genesis was 86% deployed across an extensive, worldwide network of military hospitals and clinics. This expanded reach means that more service members and their families can access its benefits than ever before.
  2. Integration with TRICARE Online and Secure Patient Portals: The MHS Genesis patient portal seamlessly integrates with TRICARE Online, allowing patients to manage appointments, access health records, and communicate directly with their care team. The result is a holistic approach to health information management.
  3. Enhanced Data Security: With growing cyber threats, the Defense Health Agency has fortified the security measures around MHS Genesis. The secure patient portal ensures that sensitive health information remains confidential and protected.
  4. Collaboration with the Department of Veterans Affairs: MHS Genesis has expanded its coordination with the Department of Veterans Affairs. This collaboration ensures that veterans and their families receive consistent care, irrespective of the treatment facility.
  5. User Training: Recognizing the importance of user familiarity, the MHS Genesis deployment prioritized high-quality and comprehensive training for healthcare professionals across the military health system. This training ensures the care team can make the most of the electronic health record system. Training resources were also made available to patients.


What’s Next for MHS Genesis?

Looking ahead, the role of MHS Genesis is set to expand even further. The continuous efforts of the Defense Health Agency and the collaborative initiatives between the Department of Defense and the Department of Veterans Affairs signal a future where MHS Genesis becomes the backbone of military healthcare.

This year, U.S. Air Force Col. Christina Sheets, program manager for the Defense Healthcare Management System Modernization Initiative, provided key updates on the MHS Genesis Project as it moves from deployment to sustainment. Here are the highlights of what’s ahead.

  • Overseas deployments will be completed by the end of 2023.
  • Deployment at the Jams A. Lovell Federal Health Care Center will be completed by March 2024.
  • With MHS Genesis, the Military Health System continues to lead and transform healthcare service delivery.

The advancements of MHS Genesis in 2023 underscore its pivotal role in revolutionizing military healthcare. As electronic medical records become the norm, MHS Genesis is a testament to the military health system’s commitment to providing the best care to its service members, veterans, and their families. With enhanced features, greater security, and a focus on user experience, MHS Genesis is poised to lead military healthcare into a new era.