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Military Spouse Appreciation Day is a very meaningful and important day at FSR. Many of our corporate and healthcare field employees are military spouses and veteran spouses. Their resiliency, strength, and dedication in all aspects of life are inspirational and most importantly, valued.

Military spouses are the ones who keep the home operating. From raising children to keeping the bills paid, all while many are juggling full-time employment, spouses provide service members the ability to focus on their missions. The nature of military life also means job stability and career advancement are challenging, with frequent moves across the country or the world. Our military spouses sacrifice so much in support of our military readiness.

FSR President Jeff Johnson discussed some of the crazy things military spouses endure: “Two stories always stick out to me about military spouse life. The first, my wife Deonne digging our car out of two feet of snowfall with a laundry basket, our one-year-old bundled up in the stroller, because she couldn’t find the shovel. The second, years later, when she packed up four kids under ten, one a year old, and went camping so my oldest could enjoy a Cub Scout weekend, while I had duty. The struggles and sacrifice are real, and then we laugh to this day about the days like those. One strong mom!”

President Ronald Regan in 1984 declared the Friday before Mother’s Day Military Spouse Appreciation Day. On this day, we celebrate their contributions to supporting the military community. Today, FSR celebrates all the military spouses, past and present! Thank you!