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Transitioning from a military career to civilian life can be a challenge. Finding a rewarding career that maximizes all the experience you have gained in the military may be easier than you think.

Nursing and healthcare are stable careers with plenty of room for growth and expansion over time. Registered Nurses are listed among the top occupations for future job growth in 2021.

Job Opportunities for Veteran Nurses and Healthcare Personnel

The lengthy list of skills and training acquired and demonstrated during your military career is hard to convey on a resume that translates to the private sector. Even military titles do not always translate easily to civilian roles. FSR is proud of our veterans hiring initiatives.

Former military service members’ training and skill set, including their ability to stay calm under pressure, were tapped into during the COVID-19 pandemic. The U.S. Army put out a call for retired military medics and nurses to briefly return to service to help in multiple nursing roles — including nurse anesthetists, nurse practitioners, and ER nurses. FSR employed numerous veteran RNs to support COVID field hospitals. Their adaptability and leadership under austere conditions were instrumental, especially in the beginning of the pandemic in New York. #TeamTexas

Veteran Skills Are In Demand

Veterans often develop in demand skills during their service, such as time management, team building, strategic thinking, self-discipline, leadership skills, and organizational skills. These skills are highly sought after in today’s workplaces and healthcare facilities.

FSR proactively seeks veteran healthcare personnel for civilian positions at military medical facilities. FSR employs veteran nurses, hospital corpsmen, healthcare specialists, technicians, psychologists, and social workers in military medical treatment facilities nationwide. Their skills and training, unique understanding of the patient population, and ability to align with the culture greatly helps the medical operations.

Some schools are now offering programs to bridge the gap between the military and private sector, such as San Antonio College as part of the Texas’ College Credit for Heroes initiative. The specialized path allows former Army, Navy, and Air Force medics to earn an Associate Degree in Nursing in just one year, as well as fast-track graduates towards 4-year Bachelor’s Degrees in Nursing at other Texas universities. Be sure to research any education program for accreditation. CCNE or ACEN accreditation are generally required by all military medical facilities for nurses.

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