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The Veterans Health Administration is America’s largest integrative health system serving nine million veterans each year through 1,200+ healthcare facilities nationwide.

The VA is optimizing the delivery of medical services through its website with the mission of providing veterans better access to services and information. Features include MyHealtheVet that provides veterans access to information about their health with click-through icons to pharmacy, health records, appointments, messages, and more.

  • Pharmacy: review a list of medications, refill prescriptions, track deliveries
  • Messages: communicate securely with the VA health team
  • Health records: view and print medical records and lab results
  • Appointments: track of upcoming medical appointments and receive email reminders

Just when many felt doctors making house calls was something of past, the VA is attempting to bring back in-home care through video telehealth calls to provide a better patient experience.

The VA website also has excellent information about the COVID-19 pandemic including text message reminders for those with the coronavirus. Other information includes what to do when you are sick with COVID, how to have a good video conversation with VA healthcare professionals, and diabetes education. The website also provides information on topics such as healthy living, the VA community, and mental health along with resources such as a veterans’ health library, healthy living assessments, and a 24/7 crisis hotline.

FSR is a government contractor supporting active duty military and veteran communities with innovative health solutions and providers. FSR supports the Veterans Health Administration in its efforts to improve its communications and delivery of healthcare.  For opportunities or information about capabilities, contact us at [email protected] or call 410-990-0795.