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Public-private partnerships have been a key factor in the ability of the United States to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. During a crisis, the response needs to be quick and the structure and resources inherent in private business often correlate to agility. Through these partnerships, governments can scale up rapidly and move resources to where they are needed most. In no small part, private partners have saved lives. But not all these partnerships had the intended outcome. Some poorly vetted organizations jumped into action but did not have the skills, resources, or expertise to partner during a crisis of this magnitude. Finding the right healthcare contractor to close the gaps requires a careful assessment of the organization’s ability to meet the needs.


Look for These Key Elements

It’s important to identify qualified partners to ensure that the mission and outcomes are met. Private partners support a wide range of projects. Each project requires industry-specific experience. While there is a great deal of variability in projects and qualifications, some characteristics are universal. Look for:

Sector experience that includes regulatory requirements and deep knowledge of the best practices of federal, state, and local government: Your partner must have experience with the sector, a crisis is no time to bring a new entity up to speed. For more than 17 years FSR has partnered with federal, state, and county agencies in over 45 states and OCONUS in the areas of Health, Health IT, Human Performance, Health Program Management, Correctional Healthcare, Behavioral Health, and numerous other programs.

A commitment to quality and compliance. While strategic loosening of key regulations was implemented to expand telehealth and to get needed support into communities, a deep knowledge of quality and compliance was essential. FSR is an organization proud to have earned The Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval® for Health Care Staffing Services Certification by demonstrating continuous compliance with its performance standards.

A track record of success: A potential partner must be able to demonstrate that they can achieve outcomes. A strong partner will be able to provide testimonials, credentials, operational measures, and will have a history of success. Assess whether the potential partner has been awarded contracts of the scale and scope and what were the results. FSR client list includes government, military, and healthcare organizations.

A demonstratable ability to launch new projects in a short time. Make sure that potential partners have the organizational capacity and talent to rapidly scale up. FSR was proud to be called upon in the early days of the pandemic. Right from the very beginning, FSR was onsite in New York. As the crisis spread, FSR was there to support federal and local governments nationwide. We were able to get credentialed, qualified personnel to where needed.

Deep and broad connections to talent to draw upon. Your potential partner needs to have access to the right people with the right skills and be able to deploy this workforce to meet the needs of the crisis. FSR has an extensive database of multidisciplinary medical and support personnel that can be deployed quickly when time is of the essence. FSR treats employees and contractors well. FSR made the list of best staffing firms to work for in Staffing Industry Analysts 2021 awards.


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FSR has proven to be an effective partner to government and healthcare facilities nationwide. We had the capacity and experience to scale up and are proud of the impact that our staff had on the health and safety of communities nationwide.

FSR will continue to partner to provide quality Health Program Management, solutions, and healthcare services to federal, state, and local government clients. We deliver comprehensive services customized to each client’s unique needs. FSR’s dedicated people are driven to exceed customers’ expectations and that success is reflected in our stellar track record of customer satisfaction.

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