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The military health system serves 9.5 million of our nation’s service members, retirees, and their families globally. Prior to MHS Genesis, patient electronic health records were maintained in multiple electronic health care records systems and were siloed by site and provider. The DOD had a vision of a seamless EHR system that improves information access and outcomes to meet the needs of the Department of Defense for setting readiness standards for deployment. MHS Genesis is the next generation of electronic health records.

Implementation was initiated in 2019 on the West coast. Implementation has moved from the West coast to the East coast. The implementation of MHS Genesis is at the halfway point with the completion of WAVES Bragg and Hood. Fort Stewart in Georgia is the most recent base to begin conversion to MSH Genesis online. By the completion of the final wave in 2024, all 9.5 million of the Military Health System will have access to this system wherever they are receiving services.

This system focuses on a plan of care and wellness, making it more than a digital patient records file. MHS Genesis is a tool that facilitates improved wellness and better outcomes. Because all physicians and care providers will have access to real-time clinical information in all regions and practices, information is de-siloed. Care is seamless anywhere the system is implemented. This improves responsiveness, reduces redundancies in testing, and ensures better medication management.

At the halfway point, the benefits of MHS Genesis Electronic Health Records are evident. During the covid-19 pandemic, the system’s Mass Vax Tool allowed the military health system to effectively prioritize various populations based on Department of Defense protocols and document in patient records real-time. MHS Genesis also includes treatment workflows such as trauma and burn protocols that improve clinical decision-making.

MHS Genesis Is a Robust System Designed to Revolutionize Healthcare

  • Better management of long-term, complex and urgent medical conditions.
  • Seamless access to medical records globally.
  • Real-time sharing of clinical information in all regions and practices.
  • Brings together multiple legacy systems to create one system
  • Focuses not only on electronic health records but also on plan of care and clinical decision making,
  • Improves communication between patients and providers.
  • Integrates planning for medical readiness standards for deployment
  • Meets the rigorous Department of Defense standards for cybersecurity

A Plan for Successful Implementation

Converting to MHS Genesis is typically an 18-month process that includes, hardware upgrades, migration of data from the legacy systems, software installation, and training.

The phased-in approach of geographical waves allows teams that have already adopted MHS Genesis to become mentors to their peers at new sites in a program called the “Pay-it-Forward program.”

To ensure the successful conversion to MHS Genesis, the military healthcare system has emphasized stakeholder communications and education at every step of the way. Resources have been developed to ensure that all stakeholders, including patients, IT providers, clinical staff, and administrative staff, have resources at their disposal to ensure a transition to MHS Genesis that minimized downtime.

Setting appropriate expectations is essential to the buy-in. As each wave is completed and MHS Genesis is implemented, there will be a brief period where physicians and clinical services providers are training on the new system. The main impact on patients will be a brief increase in wait times for a few weeks post-implementation. On the first clinical visit, the medical team may be updating additional medical history information. Patients receive frequent updates during the transition.

MHS Genesis is built for the future. New features and updates will be added to address additional needs and ensure that the system supports high-quality patient care for the millions of services personnel, retirees, and their families.

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